The Journey Begins

First you have to go check out the Autoimmune Athletes first podcast ever, I am kind of excited about it and all of the learning and exploring we are going to be doing on it!

You are here, in this moment in time for a reason. You may be healthy and fit and looking for every leg up on the competition you can get, and if so I congratulate you on your motivation. Or you may be at rock bottom, wondering how you have gotten here, why you are cursed with this illness and wondering if there is anything you can do to fix it. Or even cursing whichever God you pray to for allowing it to happen to you.

I know I have been there myself, on more than one occasion. I started this project with the intent of bringing like minded people together to support each other, learn from one another and grow together so that we can succeed together. I plan to use myself as a Guinea  pig  in order to help you live a high performance, high achieving life. One filled with happiness, smiles and joy.

However to do that we need to take  a look at the past first. In the podcast I introduce you to the idea that our thoughts and treatment of our body is a predictor of what our body will be like in the future. I go into detail about my history as a high school and college athlete and how it may have been a huge contributing factor in my development of not just one but two separate autoimmune disorders. One which left me emaciated and close to death for several days and lying in a hospital bed too weak to move or walk for several weeks. To my latest, Hashimoto’s, which loves to remind me that it still plays a major role in my life, seemingly at random (but there is no randomness to it actually).

Below you will find an overview of the events I touch on in the Autoimmune Athletes show. Good luck and if you ever need anything or have any suggestions for the show please don’t hesitate to contact me.

Fresh produce and balanced meals
Good nutrients
Lack of knowledge of familial issues

Dual sports per season
Physical Stress,
Late nights lack of sleep
Physical stress, Mental Stress
Drinking and even later nights
Physical stress, Lack of recovery
Double sessions during off season
Oxidative stress, physical stress, poor recovery, inflammation
Two games per weekend
Oxidative stress, Physical stress, poor sleep, poor recovery
Partying on weekends after games
Liver stress and slowed recovery
Triple sessions while drinking
oxidative stress, liver stress, slower recovery, lack of sleep
Chronic “cold” that wouldn’t go away
Inflammation and immune stress
Immune attack on liver and kidneys
Stopped drinking
Reduction of inflammation
Eating salads
polyphenols, nutrients and increase of Vitamins and minerals
Started meditating
Relieve stress, Internal energy stabilizing
Party and Working out
Physical and oxidative stress
Toxic relationship and depression
Mental stress, physical stress,
Lack of sleep
Physical stress , Mental stress Inability to recover
Increased running 90+ miles per week
Physical and oxidative stress Lack of proper recovery time
Mold in Walls of apartment
Environmental toxin,
Cheap and convenient food
Inflammation and poor gut health
Triathlon Training to work around injuries
Oxidative stress
Elimination diet
Reduction of chronic inflammation
Pizza and beer
Inflammation and immunological response
Ironman Training
Physical stress, oxidative stress, consumption of low quality carbs (sugars)
Ironman 2
Oxidative stress, Physical Stress, Low quality carbs (sugars)
14 oz of candy per day
Inflammation, addictive, oxidative stress
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